Work on abstraction. Photographics compositions with my own pictures.

Print : sublichromy on aluminium (3 Editions + 1 EA). They come signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Free of all thoughts and protocol, my macro photographic approach is concentrated on the manufacturing of images as well as on the shooting by focusing on material and light. This technique allows me to create pallets of motives and colors which give me the first elements to realize my photographic compositions.
I am essentially interested in abstraction, either geometrical or lyric ; in the sensibility that can produce the games of forms and colors on human beings. These various abstractions (the 20th century movements or artistic schools) are well established in painting or in sculpture, but are still emerging in contemporary photography even though photography has already upset the world of painting, at its arrival, by taking the lead on the representation of reality.
So, by means of the computing tools, I try to paint differently what the macro has already transfigured and I push into abstraction with the desire to obtain a result close to drawing or painting.
Pixels and digital collages are my colors and my words. As a mix media artist, I have no limit : every element of the everyday life or the digital world are all kinds of supports and possibilities for me.